Who we are

We are friends from various backgrounds and ages (ranging from 20 to 82 years old), who are trying to be helpful, sometimes for many years, in:
– humanitarian and/or environmental associations such as Festival de la TerreAltertourAlternatiba, etc.
– solidarity networks, like SELs (Système d’Echanges Locaux, Local Exchanges System) or RES (Réseaux d’Echanges de Savoirs, Networks of Knowledge Exchanges);
– positive education (Isabelle Filliozat…).
As we noted that only a few associations pursue the goals expressed further, we decided to create two associations:
Espoirs pour les jeunes (Hopes for the Youth) (registered in the Journal Officiel of 6-20-1998): see www.pari47.com
Les Amis de Wangari Maathai et des Bâtisseurs de Paix,Friends of Wangari Maathai and the Builders of Peace (JO of 1-7-2012).

We are very grateful to Lisa MERTON, co-producer of the beautiful movie TAKING ROOT that recounts the saga of Wangari Maathai, for having accepted to become the Honorary President of our association.
We also work with very active key players in the essential transition:
• Bernard Astruc (one of the persons in charge of Bioconsomacteurs)
• Emmanuel Rolland (Le Petit Jardin des Ecoliers, The Little Garden of Schoolchildren)
• and many other very active people…