Society’s goals

The association and its purposes

Who was Wangari Muta Maathai (4-1-1940/9-25-2011) ?

A Kenyan woman, a biologist and professor of anatomy in the field of veterinary medecine, she received the Nobel Prize for Peace for her efficient and non violent actions in favor of the preservation of rainforests, of democracy, of the defense of women’s rights…

Wangari Maathai has contibuted greatly in :

– protecting public parks coveted by dictator Arap Moi
– making so that 47 million trees were planted
– ensuring the liberation of 52 young people who had been unfairly imprisoned and tortured
– obtaining free elections that allowed the replacement of the dictatorship by a democracy…

She has risked and suffered beating-ups, trials, prison, death threats, hateful newspaper campaigns, but never used violence, as did Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, etc.


Searching for (or creating) any document that could be broadcast and so would contribute in informing more the general public about the personality, commitments and achievements of :

– Wangari Maathai (reforestation, respect of women’s rights, democratization…)

– and also of a maximum number of other Peace makers, who acted only using non violent means.

Taking part in (or organizing) any event sharing the same goals.

Getting in touch with as many associations as possible in the fields of ecology, supporting the Third World, feminism, pacifism, etc., in order to create synergies thanks to alliances.